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Meet Our Team

Michael P. Hirsch
Michael P. HirschPresident
As the president of P.M. Medical Billing Corp, it is my responsibility to ensure our team of medical billers operate at the highest standards when it comes to the needs of our clients. With over 30 years of management experience, I have worked to instill in our staff the importance of communication in building client relationships. By providing our employees with a positive, healthy work environment, our clients will be serviced by staffers who are not only the best at what they do, but who will go the extra mile whenever necessary.

I pride myself on offering our staff and our clients my full attention, and promise to do whatever is necessary to resolve any situation in a way that is beneficial to both our clients and our company. I love Mondays just as much as Fridays, and prefer hard work over sleep. I have sacrificed what most won’t and vow to never give up, no matter how long it takes to get the job done. I am very proud of my staff, as well as our loyal clients, who have contributed to the growth of P.M. Medical Billing Corp throughout the past 20-plus years. It is my commitment to see P.M. Medical Billing Corp continue to develop and grow by always prioritizing the needs of our clients above all else.

Patty Hirsch
Patty HirschFounder
Ophthalmology has been a passion of mine since I began my career in the medical field. I have worked in all aspects of ophthalmology, from being a certified tech, to a practice administrator, to a fluorescein photographer, to an executive at the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology), to the owner of a strictly ophthalmology medical billing company. I have seen the difference that correct medical billing can make in a doctor’s life, as well as the immeasurable difference it can make in diagnosing and treating patients. I believe that when a doctor is accurately reimbursed for the services he/she provides, he/she has the ability to reinvest in their practice, ensuring that patients get the absolute best care using state of the art equipment. The fear of not getting paid for a procedure will never enter a doctor’s mind when they have P.M. Medical Billing Corp as their partner.
Jonathan Hirsch
Jonathan HirschCOO
In my job and in my life, I have always found that having a positive attitude can make even the worst situations work out for the better. I see every problem as an opportunity to make a positive change. I have worked at P.M. Medical Billing Corp nearly my entire life, from stuffing the mail after middle school to attending high-level strategy meetings while still a student at Quinnipiac University. To gain a better understanding of the trade, I worked in various ophthalmology offices, performing visual fields, OCT fluorescein photography, and basically doing anything else the doctor required. I consider P.M. Medical Billing Corp to be an extension of myself, which is why I do my best to go above and beyond for all our clients. I believe we can always do better, and strive to bring an unmatched level of service to the industry I grew up in.