Comprehensive Billing

Accounts Receivable

P.M. Medical Billing Corp realizes how important it is to maintain a low accounts receivable. Effectively and efficiently collecting revenue that is owed to the practice is the most important aspect of our job. We have a dedicated A/R department whose only mission is to ensure that outstanding claims get paid. We will fight tooth and nail with the insurance companies to ensure that our partners' claims get paid!

Daily Charge Entry

Generally all charges are entered and sent to the insurance company within 48 hours of our receiving them. However, the majority of the time, this is done within 24 hours.

Payment Posting

P.M. Medical Billing Corp will accurately and promptly post all the doctor's accounts payable information, even for those services which we exclude from our invoice. These include:

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and checks, which will continue to go to the doctor's office. This ensures P.M. Medical Billing Corp never actually touches real money. The office will then securely scan only the EOB to P.M. Medical Billing.
  • All remits from EFTs (electronic payments).
  • Any payments the doctor collects at the time of service.
  • Note: P.M. Medical Billing Corp does NOT charge for any drugs that are used in the treatment of patients.

Patient Billing

We want to enable your office staff to focus on your patients. As a result, P.M. Medical Billing Corp will answer all of the questions associated with a bill, so that your team will not have to take the time to do so. We will mail all statements on a monthly basis, depending on the doctor's discretion, and all will contain our contact information, so that patients will be directed to us if they have any issues or questions.

Because we never want to touch real money, the doctor's office will be responsible for taking the payment once the patient is satisfied that the bill is accurate. We will send out up to three statements and follow up with a phone call if payment has still not been made. If we are not successful after those steps, we will send the statement to collections, only with the doctor’s approval.

In regards to secondary and tertiary claims:

  • Secondary claims are sent out as soon as the primary EOB is received.
  • Tertiary claims are sent out as soon as both primary and secondary are paid.

PM Medical Billing specializes in MIPS Reporting


P.M. Medical Billing Corp's staff is highly trained and experienced in correcting codes to ensure that every claim is accurate. Because we believe that getting it right the first time is essential, our staff will take the time to examine every claim and ensure that it is coded correctly before being sent out to the insurance company.

Denial Management

In our experience, the best way to manage denials is to send claims out correctly the first time. However, even the most diligent, careful work can sometimes lead to a denial. If a claim is denied for lack of information, we will immediately contact the doctor's office to obtain the required additional information.

When we receive a denial due to an error, the claim is:

  • Immediately checked for accuracy.
  • The problems are fixed.
  • The claim is resent to the insurance company for processing.

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