P.M. Medical Billing Corporation is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 5 ratings.

As a Dr. on his own in the N.C. area, I was looking for a professional billing company that could manage Credentialing, Claims, and Denials. I have found it. P.M. Medical Billing Corp has been wonderful. Our relationship started in January 2012. I am extremely happy with the way my revenue has continued to increase each month. They have staff members that are always willing and able to help. They work hard to make me happy. I appreciate all that they do on a daily basis. They are amazing.

Dr. D., NC

P.M. Medical Billing has been instrumental in helping my practice become as successful as I ever could have dreamed. I originally thought that my in-house billing was adequate. However, after a meeting with P.M., it was clear that I was being under-billed. Since signing with P.M. Medical Billing, my revenue has increased dramatically, and I am able to spend more time helping my patients rather than worrying about payments.

Dr. H., TX

I enthusiastically recommend P.M. for any ophthalmologist. A couple years ago, when we had problems with an in-house biller, we went with a big, multi-specialty outside billing service. What a mistake. It turned out we knew more about coding for ophthalmology services than they did. Later, we found out they had outsourced the posting of charges and accounts receivable off-shore. They weren’t working our overdue accounts at all. We found out they were adjusting off unpaid balances because they’d waited past the filing deadline to re-bill. It was a disaster. I started calling billing company after billing company, but none seemed to have a good handle on ophthalmology, and all required us to use their billing software. Then I called P.M. What a great first interaction. They instantly understood my problems. They assured me they do only ophthalmology billing, and clearly had a detailed understanding of how to code our services. They were polite. They were responsive. And as if that wasn’t enough, they said we’d be assigned a single account manager that we could reach anytime who would learn OUR practice management system and bill remotely through our software, so we could always see the status of any patient account. They also promised they’d be so much faster about getting charges out and so much more compulsive about collecting unpaid balances that we’d actually make money. And they were right. Their billing staff are trained and almost all ophthalmology assistants. Their service has been amazing. And we are seeing better collections than we’ve seen in years. Not only that — but they’re so efficient they are generally sending out charges the same day we see patients. If you are looking for the highest level of customer service, know-how, efficiency, and productivity, I have only two words for you: Hire them!

DR. F., CA

P.M. Medical Billing has helped me increase my practice size and my bottom line. The company and their staff are great with my patents and tough with insurance companies. Since switching to P.M. Medical Billing, I don't have to worry about being paid for a procedure. They make sure any and every treatment is accounted for.

Dr J., VA

Switching to P.M. Medical Billing was simple, and the results are incredible. Even though they are not onsite, I feel as though their staff is at my front desk. Their communication is fantastic, and the company is overall top-notch!

Dr. A., NY

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